All in a days cricketAll in a Day’s Cricket takes a different approach from many other cricket anthologies. While it is a selection of high-quality writing, it also has an underlying theme: all the activities that take place in order for a day’s play simply to happen. This provides scope for writing not often found in anthologies, about spectators, umpires, groundsmen, scorers, players (famous and unknown), travel arrangements (home and overseas from club to international level), venues, equipment, the life of cricketers off the field as well as on, some of the less savoury aspects of the game, and how the love of cricket so often has its roots in childhood. And, of course, there is the excitement of the cricket itself, its great games and its greatest players.

Among the many outstanding writers are John Arlott, C. L. R. James, W. G. Grace and his wife (in an unexpectedly moving vignette), John Nyren, Marcus Trescothick, Angus Fraser, Phil Tufnell, Harry Pearson, Alan Gibson and Vernon Coleman.

Praise for All in a Day’s Cricket

“Cricket, as Sam Johnson might have averred, has all that life affords. Almost every aspect is touched upon in this delightful collection. It is the product of wide reading, deep interest and a versatile mind” - Christopher Martin-Jenkins

“An amazing compilation of every facet of cricket imaginable - bright and breezy reading. Both a high quality 20/20 - a huge variety of entertainment coming from the most unlikely sources! - and a timeless Test because it is the sort of book you can dip in and out of and still not lose the thread! A triumph of devotion to the game!” - Rachael Heyhoe Flint

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