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Classical Music’s Strangest Concerts & Characters

Strangest ConcertsFrom Beethoven to Nigel Kennedy, Brian Levison and Frances Farrer bring you one-thousand years of the most memorable stories in musical history. Here are the unfortunate organist caught with his trousers down; the completely silent piece of music; the conductor who accidentally stabbed himself to death on stage; the musicologist who fooled the famous Grove musical dictionary; the pianist who gave concerts of music dictated to her by Chopin and Rachmaninov from beyond the grave; and the famous cellist who took umbrage and ‘buzzed’ an open-air concert in his aeroplane.

Reviews of Classical Music’s Strangest Concerts & Characters

“I laughed and laughed” - John Brunning, CLASSIC FM

“This great book really does what it says on the tin…Each incident is a little essay of between two and six pages; all are well written and amusing. A book to pick and browse.” - MUSICAL OPINION

“Some of these stories are funny, some are tragic, all of them are engaging and very strange indeed” - OXFORD TIMES

“Success depends on the ability of the writer, and in this the joint authors succeed admirably” - Jeremy Nicholas, CLASSIC FM MAGAZINE

“Even in its lighter moments it is instructive and educational, particularly in the history of music. It is widely researched and the results are set out in a scholarly manner” - THE OXFORD WRITER

Paperback £6.99 RRP. Available from good bookshops or Amazon
In case of difficulty you can contact Brian by email at brian@levison.fslife.co.uk.

Amazing and extraordinary facts: Cricket

Amazing and extraordinary factsThis essential companion for all cricket lovers documents the illustrious history of cricket and is crammed full of fascinating feats and intriguing trivia.

In short, sharp vignettes ranging from the earliest days of recorded cricket right up to the present day, you will find false teeth, Jack the Ripper, the cycling cricketer, coconuts and the Worcester Cathedral clock. There are appearances by the worst batsman in the world, the record innings that almost wasn’t, the dropped catch that cost 600 runs, the twelfth man who appeared not in his cricketing whites but dressed like Jeeves and carrying much more than the usual energy drink, and the wicket-keeper turned umpire who couldn’t stop appealing. This compelling collection of balls, bats and block holes is guaranteed to amuse and surprise.

Hardback £9.99. Available from good bookshops or Amazon Link
In case of difficulty you can contact Brian by email at brian@levison.fslife.co.uk