Remarkable Cricket GroundsRemarkable Cricket Grounds is a collection of the most astonishing places from around the world where cricket is played. Many of the sites are stunningly beautiful, set against the backdrop of epic mountains or grand country houses. Others are steeped in cricketing history or have the quirks of maintaining a tree within the boundary fence or a river bisecting the playing area. At Spout House in Yorkshire the length of grass in the outfield is as remarkable as the length of service of two club secretaries, while at Narol in Pakistan, it is the will to overcome the effects of a 2005 earthquake and play cricket once again.

The book will take you to places where you never expected to find cricket, such as Maifeld in Berlin where Hitler’s supporters once gathered; a ground high up in the mountains near Mežica, Slovenia; the foreshore of The Ship Inn in Fife, where the boundary changes according to the tide; St. Moritz where cricket is played on the lake and where David Gower once drowned his car; the Oval Maidan in Mumbai surrounded by architectural splendours; Queenstown Events Centre in New Zealand where planes fly right behind the bowler’s arm; and the HPCA stadium in the shadows of the Himalayas. This book gathers together remarkable stories from five continents about some truly wonderful places to play cricket.


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          'If you love cricket grounds as much as I'm afraid I do, this for you...What a wonderful book to leaf through on a cold winter's evening, when the memories of last season have faded and the horrors of the next are yet to manifest themselves.' - Marcus Berkmann, Daily Mail

          'A must for cricket lovers' - Evening Standard

‘...This goliath stuffed with full-page pictures is rather a pleasure. There are no tricks it does nothing more than it says on the tin. But a simple fat book of beautiful photographs of cricket grounds has a strange effect on the soul. Maybe it is about the photography, which is undoubtedly lovely, but it is also about the individuality of the grounds, the variation of the setting, the aesthetic of the architect and the reminder that beauty can be seen in so many ways.’ - Tanya Aldred, The Cricketer

'A lovely new book' - Huw Turbervill, The Googly, The Cricketer

'It's simply stupendous...the photographs are without exception magnificent, the text informed and affectionate ...The book is an incomparable gem' - Mike Amos, The Northern Echo

'A cricket ground is more, much more than somewhere to play cricket. It is a place of peace and beauty; landscape poetry. Even when empty a cricket ground, like a church, can offer a special sort of solace...Brian Levison has selected and observed superbly well. This is a treat; a new classic, forever offering tranquillity'. - Vernon Coleman, author of The Village Cricket Tour and Diary of a Cricket Lover.

'Lavishly-produced' - The Press (York)

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‘Each page makes you want to spend an idyllic day watching cricket at that ground’ *****   ‘Brian Levison has selected and observed superbly well’ *****   ‘A truly wonderful book’ *****   ‘Difficult to put down. Packed full of wonderful photographs and interesting facts’ *****...‘Best present for Christmas. Husband loved it and hasn’t put it down’ *****   ‘Wonderful book in pristine condition *****

The book is dedicated to Andrew Ward, author of the  perennially popular Cricket's Strangest Matches and many other books. Thanks to him, Jill Haas and Matthew Levison for their considerable input.  

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